What does RCFE mean?

Residential Care Facility for the Elderly. Also known as assisted living, retirement home, and Board and Care home. They provide care and supervision to those 60 years of age and older and to those under 60 years of age with compatible needs. They are located in residential neighborhoods. Here in California they are licensed by the department of social services.

How is Leisure Living of Claremont different from other RCFEs?

We are owned and operated by an RN. If the residents aren't able to attend their MD, dentist and other appointments our RN will escort them and provide a written report for their families viewing. We are blessed to have a committed, professional, and well educated staff.

What kinds of programs and services does your senior care facility offer?

We offer senior yoga and exercise, music therapy, pet therapy, a book club, gardening, flower arranging, volunteering in our community, and even provide evening hand, back, and foot massage for our residents.

Can Leisure Living accept dementia or Alzheimer's patients?

Yes, all of our staff members have been trained in dementia care. We have a plan of care for dementia residents, which has been reviewed and approved by the department of social services. We also, have a home alarm system to alert our staff if any windows or doors have been opened day or night.

Does your RCFE provide respite care services?

Yes, we are pleased to offer respite services for those family members vacationing or just in need of some time for themselves.

Does your facility accept hospice patients?

Yes, we are honored to accept hospice patients. The owner is a hospice RN and has cared for many hospice patients through the years.

Is there always a nurse on duty?

If the owner, who is an RN is not on site, she’s just a phone call away. She’s always available 24/7 and resides less than 10 minutes away.

Do you accept Medicare medical coverage?

RCFE’s aren’t able to accept Medicare or other insurances. Although, the residents' medications are still covered by Medicare or other insurances. We do welcome Home Health and Hospice services which are also covered through Medicare and other insurances.

How can I contact you for more information?

Please contact Kathleen Gonzales on her personal cell 626.622.7296 or email kathleen@leisurelivingofclaremont.com. You may also submit a request for additional information online. Give us a call to hear about the additional services we offer and how we personalize care to meet the needs of each senior.